Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Workers’ compensation has differing timelines for different work-related injuries. Medical-only injuries are paid off immediately, temporary disability benefits are given after three to seven days, while workers that suffer lasting disabilities get permanent or partial benefits.

Medical Benefits

In medical-only cases, workers’ compensation pays all the medical costs for the injured individuals and pays cash for the lost work time after a waiting period of 3–7 days. For cases where the lost work time is less than waiting for cash benefits, only medical costs are paid.

Medical cases are very common, where they account for 75 percent of all compensation cases by only 7 percent of them are involve payments of cash and medical benefits.

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Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary total disability benefits are paid to the injured party when a work-related injury or illness temporarily prevents them from working. Most employees who receive these benefits recover and return to work.

There are cases when employees return to work before they’ve recovered completely and get restricted duties and lesser pay. For this, they can receive temporary partial disability benefits.

Permanent Disability Benefits

If an injured worker ends up with severe disabilities that are thought to be permanent, they can get permanent disability benefits (PTD). They’re paid to workers that are unable to work anymore due to a work-related injury.

When a worker has impairments that are permanent but don’t impact their ability to work completely, they can get permanent partial disability benefits (PPD).

Permanent disability cases are rare and account for less while partial disability cases have been varied between 27-40 percent.


If an employee’s work-related injury or illness is fatal, workers’ compensation also pays death benefits. These include all the expenses for funeral and burial and cash benefits for the deceased’s family. According to research done by the U.S.  Department of Labor, there has been a 10.7-percent decrease in fatalities in 2020, where deaths reduced from 5,333 in 2019 to 4,764 in 2020.

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