Signs That You Need to Hire a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

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Workers’ compensation is a technical law field that can be hard to comprehend. Workers who sustain injuries at work often find themselves in demanding legal battles since they may not hire an experienced worker’s comp lawyer to represent their interests in court.

There are a lot of parties involved in a worker’s compensation case. Your employer and insurance carrier are two important stakeholders that can decide whether you need a worker’s compensation lawyer or not.

Hiring a reliable lawyer can be the difference between getting damages on time and getting the case delayed indefinitely. If you’ve recently had an injury, here are some signs that will indicate that you need to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer.


This is one of the most common instances in a worker’s comp case. Often your employer or insurance carrier might deny that a minor injury happened at the workplace as it was unreported. The minor injury often becomes aggravated and turns into a more severe issue.

This is when your employer might say that the minor injury didn’t happen at work and will back the claim by saying that there is no record of it. Hiring a worker’s comp lawyer will help you maneuver the situation and deal with it accordingly.

Employer Delays

If you get injured at your workplace, you should immediately notify your employer and start the claim process. Your employer should help you with all relevant paperwork, report your case to the relevant authorities, and file a claim with the insurance company. If your company is dragging its feet with your claim, then it’s time that you hire a lawyer to speed up the process. It should take no longer than 30 days to get the payment for your claim.

Ignoring Doctor’s Recommendation

Sometimes you might suffer an injury that requires extensive treatment and your insurance company denies paying for it. This is quite a common instance and requires the help of an experienced lawyer.

Injured workers might have to undergo rehabilitation that would require several doctor visits, and the insurance company might think that they are necessary and refuse to reimburse them. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that such a situation doesn’t occur and you get paid for your claims.

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Even though companies are prohibited from firing an employee if they’ve filed a worker’s comp claim, many employers might resort to other tactics to hassle them. Demotion, cutting hours, or any other unwarranted incidents are also included in retaliation, and an experienced attorney will help you fight your case in court. Hiring a worker’s comp attorney will put you in good stead to fight your case and get the maximum claim possible.

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