Nearly a quarter of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) is caused by a work injury. However, concussions at work are frequently disregarded. The most significant cause of concussions at work include falls, being struck by falling objects, or car accidents.

Concussions are far more complicated than other work injuries and can lead to time away from the office. Therefore, injured workers must receive timely care from medical professionals who are educated in identifying and managing serious work-related injuries.

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Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance carried by a business that pays compensation to workers who sustain injuries at work for their medical costs and lost earnings. When an employee suffers a work-related head injury, the employer must treat them right away for a concussion and assist them in submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

Employees should immediately inform their managers about the injury and fill out any forms for workers’ compensation. They should also seek immediate medical attention from a professional trained in returning to work following a concussion. Workers should find doctors who deal particularly with workers’ compensation.

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Medical Care

An employee should return to the workplace only after receiving the all-clear from your healthcare professional. Your doctor will provide a personalized return-to-work care plan, so you can get back to your job-specific activities.

When your doctor gives you the all-clear to go back to work, they’ll propose work limitations and concessions, which can include working fewer hours or avoiding particular jobs. It’s crucial to pay attention to your body and avoid overexerting yourself because you will probably still be dealing with concussion symptoms.

Legal Assistance

If an employee has any issues regarding their work comp claim, they should seek legal assistance from a worker’s compensation attorney. At The Law Offices of Harley Merritt, we have over two decades of experience in dealing with various types of worker’s compensation claims.

You can get in touch with a work comp lawyer at our law offices in Chico, CA. We can help with the negotiation process, communication with medical experts, and various other aspects of a worker’s compensation claim. Contact us today.