Most states in the US require businesses to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits to their employees. This coverage can benefit both you and your employer at the same time. Workman’s comp provides you with benefits in the case of a work-related illness or injury. The benefits are helpful for:

  • Covering your medical expenses
  • Recovering your lost wages while you’re out of work
  • Providing your family and dependents with death benefits in case you pass away.

If you get sick because of your work with chemicals, slip on ice and break your leg outside the office, or get injured by a needle when working with a patient, you’ll get adequate protection with the help of worker’s comp insurance.

Here’s why you need to claim worker’s comp:

Cover your medical expenses

Worker’s comp can help you pay for any medical expenses that crop up due to an illness or injury related to work. This can include prescriptions, necessary surgeries, and emergency room visits. If you’re an electrician who accidentally cut their hand while doing your job, you can cover your medical bill with the help of worker’s compensation and decrease the financial burden on your savings.

Cover your missed wages

Sometimes, an injury or illness might be serious enough that you need to take time off from work. However, it’s difficult to rest when you’re worried about your income at the end of the month. Workers’ comp can help you relax by replacing some of your lost income while you take some time off.

Cover any ongoing care

Unfortunately, work-related illnesses or injuries can sometimes be extremely severe and need multiple treatments. For example, as a warehouse employee, if you hurt your back while constantly lifting heavy boxes, worker’s comp insurance can help you cover the costs of any ongoing medical care, such as physical therapy.

Cover your funeral costs

There are times when serious injuries or illnesses can lead to death. Leaving your family and dependents behind without any financial cushion to fall back on is understandably scary. Worker’s compensation can provide death benefits to your family and help them cover the funeral costs without having to dip into their savings. It’s one way to look out for your loved ones from beyond the grave.

Help treat your repetitive injury

Some work-related injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, can crop up after months or years of repetitive motion. If you’re a receptionist or copywriter who’s developed carpal tunnel syndrome after working with poor ergonomics for many years, worker’s comp will help you cover any ongoing treatment costs.

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