Filing for workers’ compensation can be intimidating. While you’re probably aware of workers’ compensation and how it can benefit you, the chances of falling prey to myths are huge.

These misconceptions can interfere with your claim and often lead to wrong decisions. Before that happens, professionals at our worker’s compensation firm in Chico, CA, have listed some common misconceptions to help you avoid them.

Workers’ Compensation Only Covers Medical Expenses

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Contrary to popular belief, workers’ compensation covers various expenses to help injured employees recover from their injury or illness. Most times,workers’ comp reimburses overall medical expenses, including treatment, ongoing care, and missed wages.

Your Employer Will Accept Your Workers’ Comp Claim

When employees get injured at their jobs, they often expect their employers tosupport them during this difficult time. So, they assume their employer will accept their workers’ comp claim.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work that way. Since workers’ compensation payments can be sizeable, employers candeny claims to avoid the costs..

You Can Get Fired If You File for Workers’ Comp

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Many employees fear they might get fired if they file for workers’ compensation. While their fear may be justified, it’s illegal for employers to do so. Employers aren’t permitted to discriminate against an employee on the grounds of any disability, physical or mental.

Filing for workers’ comp may not protect your job, but it won’t put your job at risk. So, don’t be afraid to fight for the benefits you deserve.

You Can File for Workers’ Compensation without a Lawyer

While this is true, filing for workers’ comp without a lawyer may not be the best idea. From filing a claim to securing the compensation, there are various legalities employees must be aware of to ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

In such circumstances, a professional workers’ compensation lawyer can help. Since handling workers’ comp cases is their job, they’re already aware of what has to be done and can help you navigate these legalities. In addition, their negotiation skills and experience can help streamline your claim.

Put simply, you can file for workers’ comp without a professional, but the chances of you making mistakes is huge. However, you won’t have to stress about making the wrong move with a lawyer on board.

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