Some professionals have risky jobs and can incur injuries due to that risk. These injuries can be temporary and permanent, but their employers are liable to pay benefits for their work-related injury. That’s where workers’ compensation comes in.

Workers’ compensation offers employees benefits if they’ve sustained a work-related injury or illness. These benefits usually include payments for missed wages, medical treatment, ongoing care, etc.

There are various types of workers’ compensation benefits, depending on the severity of an employee’s injury.

Our experts at our worker’s compensation firm in Chico, CA, have shed some light on the different types of benefits.

Medical Only

Workers’ compensation reimburses complete medical expenses for injured workers along with cash benefits for the work time they’ve missed. All these benefits are offered after a 3 to 7 day waiting time.

Although “medical only” instances in workers’ compensation are frequent, they only account for a small portion of total benefits.

Temporary Disability

When it comes to benefits for disability, they differ based on severity. When a work-related sickness or injury temporarily makes it challenging for a worker to perform their job, they are granted temporary total disability (TTD) payments. Most TTD recipients return to work after fully recovering, and so their benefits expire.

Injured employees may sometimes resume their work before they recover but at lower pay or a lesser workload. When they get back to work at lesser pay, they’re offered temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits.

This is the most common type of cash benefit offered in most states.

Permanent Disability

a wheelchair

Sometimes work injuries can lead to permanent disability even when a worker has received maximum medical support. If that happens, permanent disability benefits are given to the affected worker.

Permanent total disability (PTD) benefits must be given to workers and employees who fail to work due to work-related illnesses or injuries. On the other hand, if a worker has physical problems that don’t affect their ability to work despite being permanent, they receive Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits.


Besides offering benefits for injuries and disabilities, there are work comp programs to cater to workers if their injuries are deadly. These benefits usually include payments for burial and funeral, plus cash benefits for the worker’s dependents.

If a worker doesn’t have a family, the benefits only cover funeral and burial costs.

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