Imagine getting a voucher for a state-accredit school where you can enroll to enhance your skills. That’s what the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit is all about—it’s a non-transferable voucher that helps people who can’t resume their jobs due to a work-related injury upskill to improve their employability.

One of the best ways to successfully apply for supplemental job displacement benefits is by consulting a work injury law firm. Here’s a summary of the main steps involved.

Step 1: Inform the Employer About Your Decision to File a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Claim

The first thing to do is to let your employer know you’re unable to come back to work because of your work-related injury/illness. According to California’s worker’s compensation laws, workers who aren’t offered “suitable, regular, modified, or alternative work within 60 days” are entitled to receive supplemental job displacement benefits.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve been receiving temporary disability benefits following a job-related injury/illness, you’ll be entitled to supplemental job displacement benefits within 60 days of the termination of your temporary benefits.

Step 2: File the Claim Through a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

The next step is to find a worker’s compensation lawyer to represent you. They’ll help you gather the necessary documents, such as medical records, to support your claim. This will give you the best possible shot at filing a successful claim.

Worker’s compensation attorneys are also well-versed in liaising with insurance companies and arguing their clients’ rights for supplemental job displacement benefits in court. Therefore, it’s vital to file your claim through a work comp lawyer, so you’re not caught off guard by questions presented to you during a hearing.

Step 3: Appeal the Decision if You’re Turned Down

If you file adequate documents through a reputable worker compensation law firm, chances are you’ll receive a favorable outcome on your supplemental job displacement benefit claim. However, if you’re turned down, ask the worker’s compensation attorney representing you to appeal the decision by requesting a conference with the judge.

During the conference, the attorney will provide additional evidence on your behalf to explain why you deserve the benefit. If this doesn’t work, the attorney will file a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed within ten days to request a formal hearing. This will give you and the attorney time to gather additional evidence to appeal the decision once more to achieve a favorable outcome.

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