Every job comes with its fair share of risks; however, some careers carry much higher risks of injury than others. If you’re a worker in a high-risk job, you need to stay aware of your rights to get fair workers’ compensation in case of an injury. According to a work injury law firm in Chico, CA, here are some high-risk jobs for workers’ compensation injuries:

Grounds-keepers and landscapers

Landscaping supervisors tend to suffer an extremely high rate of potentially fatal injuries due to their constant use of heavy machinery under dangerous conditions. If you work as a landscaper or groundskeeper, make sure that you’re aware of the quickest way to inform your employer about any potential injuries to ensure that you’re in good care in the event of a workplace injury.

Construction workers

Falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolding are extremely common causes of workplace injuries for construction workers. There are various dangers in construction sites, such as falling debris and dangerous, heavy equipment.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers such as nurses often tend to get injuries while on the job. Most of these involve back injuries caused by lifting patients.


Did you know that logging is one of the most dangerous occupations in the US? You need to work with extremely dangerous machinery and equipment while completely out of range of a majority of cellphone signals. This puts loggers at an extremely high risk of sustaining serious injuries.


People who work in the mining industry are at constant risk. Shaft collapses and cave-ins can happen anytime, and carbon monoxide poisoning can occur without any signal. This high-risk job is only for the brave at heart.

Flight engineers, pilots, and drivers

Whether you’re in the delivery or trucking industry, people who have to drive to earn their living are usually at serious risk of getting injured. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that almost 40% of work fatalities involve transportation accidents. This includes both aircraft incidents and highway accidents.

Farmers and ranchers

Ranchers and farmers use heavy and dangerous equipment such as wheel loaders and threshers daily, which puts them at immense risk of injury.

Emergency services and law enforcement

EMTs, firefighters, and police officers risk their lives for the sake of our protection, health, and safety. They consistently put themselves in the mouth of danger and risk getting work injuries in various dangerous situations, ranging from building fires and collapses to outbreaks and incidents with gun violence.

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